Hundreds of Student Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews

I am so blessed with what I can do, and feel honored getting hundreds of student testimonials and 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, on Facebook, or directly via email which you can all find here.

I have gone to Z2 for novice school (C group track day), Rich Oliver Mystery Camp, Total Control Advanced Rider Course, Alameda County Sheriff Dual-Purpose Class, Road Rider 2.0 and MSF. And although they are all good and all different, I learned the most from Coach’s CSD classes and guess what? THESE CLASSES COST THE LEAST OF THEM ALL.- Helen M. (Yelp review), Cornering School Day 1 and 2

Especially the Cornering School program means a lot to me, and I look forward to hear back from my students when all the coaching, drills and sweat really kicked in for them.

We also found students witing about Superbike-Coach on their websites. Enjoy:

Headcoach Can Akkaya

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