Superbike-Coach Accelerates Into 2020


I hope you had some great Holidays with family and friends. Kinda good to be out of this as well, huh?! :-) :-) :-)

Just realized that Superbike-Coach had its 10th anniversary in the U.S. (started in Europe years before that), and when I reflect where I started here in California- oh boy. The first class was a 1on6 Road Skill and I had 5 classes in that first year. From there, I accelerated through those years till 2019. Now seeing where we are- a 101% dedicated team of five with Marion, Mark, Dean and myself, and a schedule with 55 classes and 1on1’s per year and ALL booked up. Now seeing where we go. Guess what… we’re still accelerating!

So this time I don’t have an educational- for some controversial- article for you, because there are some news here you should look into and IMPORTANT date changes for those who already booked a 2020 class.

Biggest news is, that we added a new program, the ‘Rider Passenger Class’. I’m super excited about it because I know how helpful this will be for the rider and the passenger in MANY ways. It’s gonna be so fun for them and for us to be on our Little 99 Raceway. It’s gonna be for all skill levels and bike categories and hell of advanced. We even plan demos with my wife Marion on the passenger seat, who is very experienced with this. Don’t lean back to wait and see, because there is only ONE date in 2020 for it right now, and no doubt- also this 9/27/2020 class will be booked up!

We’ll have 3 level groups on the track and classroom between the riding sessions. This class will connect the riding pair physically and mentally. I seriously can’t wait for it.

To make space for that class- the Cruiser Rider Class has been eliminated. Not that the cruiser community wouldn’t have a use for it… it’s because I don’t see the SENSE to separate motorcycles from motorcycles. Cruiser riders and their bikes belong in the Cornering School program like all the others, because we’re all dealing with the same element… PHYSICS.

I also eliminated ‘Sideline Coaching’. It was designed for the ‘faster’ ones, for the racers, but it never really established. I don’t want to go further into this, but if you are interested in the depth of what I think this is, then read my article ‘A ‘Sensei’ has to be old‘.

It took longer than ever to put our schedule for 2020 together, and it actually is still not all done. Track Drill and Road Skill dates are missing, but they will be added during January. We added more cornering school dates and the new classes, so that we probably see a total of 60 classes and 1on1’s in 2020. More info see below.

I am also excited that we have some new sponsors on board and could keep the ones which are longer with us for the most. These guys


rock, because they are also supporting our students- either indirectly or directly with discounts. We appreciate their support a lot and you might check what they have to make your hobby even better. We’ll introduce them and what they do in a section of every newsletter.

So, again… if you’ve already booked something in 2020- you need to double check the accurate 2020 schedule and let us know if you can’t make it so that we can work this out with you. Also check out the info below. Gonna be a great year.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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