Cornering class on 2/11/ rescheduling necessary

Hello 2/11/ Cornering Class!

I have bad news for our class on Sunday. I’ve torn knee ligament and I’m in pain. Spend some time in the ER today and doc ordered rest till they decide how to move on.

The class won’t happen as scheduled, so we’ll have to reschedule all of you.

We go ahead now, and move ya’ll to the very next day 1 class on 3/10/2024. Let me know if this date won’t work for you ASAP and come back to me with a day 1 date of your choice from here.

If you already scheduled for a day 2 and even day 3 date… please come back to me to work out these rescheduling’s.

However, ya’ll NEED to respond quickly so that we know you got this and not to come out on Sunday. The sooner the better.


I was looking forward meeting ya’ll, but hey, it’s just a delay. Till then, stay safe!


Headcoach Can Akkaya

Superbike-Coach Corp

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