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Heck of news guys

Daaaang! One month down already huh?! Anyway, I have some news and an exciting announcement to do, so please read through.

The website got an overhaul and is a lot faster as well. We’re still not done yet. Hope you like it so far.

Our ‘Commitment Bonus‘, which I’ve announced last time, seem to be popular. I mean… with this, you’ll get a discount on ALL other programs we have.

The run on our two Track Days at Thunderhill Raceway is going. Same goes for the ‘Track Rookie Class‘ and the ‘Track Academy‘. Please don’t wait too long to secure your spots.

We have some spots left for the first Cornering Class Day 1 on 2/11/. Same goes for the day 2 class on 2/25/. WHERE ARE MY REPEATERS AND LONGTIMERS??

Supermoto class and race with Superbike-Coach We gonna run our first ‘group event‘ on 3/24/. It’s going to be a cornering class, dedicated for members of the ‘NorCal Ducati’ Facebook group at a discounted price and free lunch by A&S Motorcycles Roseville.

Now the exciting part :-) If you ever wanted to do a real race, maybe a bucket list thang of yours, or even a goal… then listen up! I just developed a new program ‘Supermoto Class & Race‘. This class is delivering subjects of skills all morning- and goes into grid starts, race and passing strategies in the afternoon where you even end up doing a qualifying heat, and a final race! How f’n cool is that?! So if you have what’s considered to be a Supermoto bike (any size)… this is it. We have only two SM rentals, so you better be quick to get one.

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