Coach Can Akkaya Certified with the USMCA

Superbike-Coach certified by USMCA

Superbike-Coach Corp headoach Can Akkaya has received certification by the USMCA. United States Motorcycle Coaching Association. The process inhale comprehensive schooling and certifications according to USMCA: “Our coaches value safety, responsibility, integrity, respect, loyalty, accountability, courage, excellence in mentoring and share a lifelong passion for the sport of motorcycling. Certification requires a national-level background check, CPR and SSI safety training as well as an adherence to the association’s Code of Conduct. Certified coaches, at a variety of levels, are professional individuals driven by their passion for motorcycles to teach and mentor riders.”

CAN-AKKAYA-USMCA-certified-coach-motorcycle-dirtbike-sportbike-coaching-training-certification Congrats coach :-)

Superbike-Coach Corp

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