Yea, I know you might think ‘well they have to praise a sponsor’, but be assured- we have them as a sponsor for a darn good reason- our shop and to maintain our school bike fleet.

T he thing is, when you do everything yourself on your bike, then you gotta go the whole nine yards. You need regular tools, special tools, tool boxes, carts, chemicals, lubricants, lights, seats, stands, tie downs, and whatnot. Nothing goes without a range of general parts like chains, sprockets, seals, brake pads, lights and mirrors. That, and a whole lotta more is BikeMaster.

Does it need space to turn your garage into a DIY shop?- sure- but maybe less than you might thing it takes. Does it cost?- of course- but not as much as you might thing, especially not with BikeMaster. Looking at their pricing proofs that part real quick.

Now, if you consider to start doing some little things yourself, you actually not just save lots of money- you are also about to connect more to your bike and to understand things on a different level. You’ll learn a lot. See, when I started racing I couldn’t do anything myself so I had to go into it. And last year I’ve rebuild an entire 4 stroke engine myself. The savings on the labor went in to the thousands and I had fun doing it, besides gaining a slight childish proud’yness about new abilities :-)

An oil change, swapping a battery or even a set of tires- it can go far. And to be clear- it’s not just the labor to save- it also is the time you spend for the back/forth and the confidence that things really have been done.

We at Superbike-Coach are super happy to have BikeMaster on our corner. Just the transport drama has been completely solved with their products.

So let’s wrestle some wrenches and get even deeper into your hobby. Check our BikeMaster and find out about their huge portfolio of bike specific parts or general tools. Viva BikeMaster :-)

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I wished I could put in words how it feels like to master a wheelie or to drag the knee. While a wheelie feels like flying- a dragging knee get’s you in contact with ‘the enemy’. Short and simple pure AWESOMENESS :-)

Now what kind of riders are attending these Superbike-Coach classes?!… the ‘you and me’ rider to be straight up. Riders who want to get into it in the most save possible way and legal. Riders who are most reliable actually, from lawyers to nurses, office workers and whatnot. We welcome riders from all over the planet to these classes because they know we deliver in this order:

  1. Safety
  2. Fun
  3. Success

So two weeks ago, we initialed another knee down class and a wheelie course next day. We combine these so that riders can extend their experience and learning with us and to give their long travels more value. Our rentals are ready for the task.

Twenty riders made it out for the knee class. Most of them are trying for years to finally get it done. Videos, other schools and lots and lots of track days. 169 bux and 7 hours is what it takes for me to make 15 of them dragging now. Our highest rating was 18 of a 21 ones. That’s a rating you need to think about for a second, and then you might know why all classes Superbike-Coach has to offer are booking up since the last 7 years!!! Remarkable at this point is, that those riders who are successful were mostly students in our cornering school program. Our knee students run through 3 stations- the big oval to use their bikes and rentals. The break area to rest (needed!), and our mini bike on a small oval. Every time our mini bike gets a hell of a beat, and guess what… no questions asked. I mean… try to find this somewhere else where you are allowed to damage! When you feel all this and add the darn good reviews we’re getting- then do you even wonder why the next Knee Down class on 10/26/2019 is booked up more than 3 months upfront?!

However, it would be naive to think that everyone must/should be successful. That wouldn’t be fair to expect from us and the students. this goes mainly towards the wheelie class because the success ratio there is about 60%. Most of the riders who couldn’t get it done are coming back, which says a lot about this program too doesn’t it?! So our wheelie students are running through a 4 stations circle- the long straight to use their bikes or rentals. The break area to rest (very much needed), our mini bike for coordination, and our own wheelie machine which makes you fee balance point and throttle control.

This machine allows us to instruct right next to you, which is why I’ve build it in the first place. Another aspect for me was, that those wheelie machines to buy are not realistic enough. They are not up to my measures and don’t deliver the feel nor options to learn the actual control of air-time. The plan and build time took about 6 month. Testing and developing another month, and now this piece of SBC equipment is permanently part since the last 3 classes. Established stuff, and you can use it! No question… also the next Wheelie Course on 10/27/2019 is going to book up.

You ask yourself if you should do it- and I go- WHY NOT?! :-)

SBC photographer’s (Dean Lonskey) pic gallery of the entire class.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I don’t know what you know- or have been told about Continental motorcycle tire, but let’s reset that. So I had the chance to finally have a set of Continental Race Attack slicks on my Ducati 1199 Panigale for a Track Drill 1on4 at Thunderhill Raceway West. Here is my first impression.

You need to know that I don’t do ‘drama’, and that even if I wanted to- I have no time to do drama when I work with students. Means… tires go on, no tire warmers, no playing with different air pressures, nor with the suspensions. These tires actually helped me to enjoy riding on a track and to work drama-free immensely.

We gave the front 26, and the rear 23 psi and went out on stone cold slicks as mentioned. Continental’s ‘TractionSkin‘, is a revolutionary new micro-rough tread surface, virtually puts an end to tire breakin. And guess what… it truly works. I had the knee on the ground at half a lap on cold tires!

I can’t confirm what their testers are saying about the front tire, which seem to put them more to work with the steering. At this point I don’t know their counter steering capabilities, but I do know mine. Eventually the way the geometry of my Panigale is set just matched.

What I was most thrilled about is their MultiGrip technology. So while other tire manufacturers puzzle 3 grip level rubbers together and causes failures eventually- Conti goes a other route. They use a homogeneous grip grading with a single compound thanks to temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process. Means… one piece of tire surface and no transitions to deliver softer sides and harder middles to get more mileage. The tire picture says it all.

You also need to know that I use to go way below my pace when I work with riders, but I have my 1-2 laps on each session. So here and then I gave it some aggression into turns, not fully on the limit though. That is the point though, because even going with FORCE- there was still way to go while the front and rear end were totally transparent and neutral. Those tires are an absolute confidence booster and I just can imagine their potential if I would have added drama.

It was hot on the track, maybe about 98f. The performance of the tires never changed. I got older and even much more heavy as I was as a fit racer, but I still have and extreme entry and exit phases, and that’s where these Continental tires deliver, while having a smooth and balanced mid turn arc. The corner speed and lean was on the save side, cuz’ I have work to do right- but the grip range signals that there is more.

Don’t be a fool and go get some too. The price is right as well.

Can’t wait now to do drama :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Painfully, I remember the outcome of my first top 10 race as a semi-professional in St. Wendel Germany in 1992. That was one of a bad ass half track half street tracks you don’t get to see these days anymore. I came of from 3rd row in qualifying and made my way up and kept 9th position till the last lap. I didn’t make any mistakes until exiting the last turn onto the straight. One single miss-shift, and three guys passed me. I was heartbroken. A year later the first quick shifters came out and when I tested it, I remembered that devastating mistake and I wished I would have one back then.

But a quick shifter doesn’t only help to reduce miss-shifts. In racing it reduces energy loss on two levels- forward momentum and physical input. That and a certain mental relief opens reserves. Today, most high-end street legal bikes are coming with a quick shifter, and if you don’t have one… go get one. Dynojet Research, one of the pioneers in regard fuel management systems for the aftermarket offers those for a variety of motorcycles and universals. Their famous Power commander adds their quick shifter in no time plug and play.

Now let me first explain what a Power commander can do for ya. Besides a gain of power with the right map (fuel/air management), you can determine every percentage of throttle position so that weak spots can be reduced- like an harsh throttle response for example. Ergo, drive-ability and general performance. If you’ve changed your exhaust and air filter, you might have to have a ECU flash done. That is not just pretty expensive, it is also imperfect if its data are not developed on a roller. On top of this- a flash is a one time thing, so any change would require another expensive flash. The Power commander is adjustable anytime.

Dynojet also offers an AutoTune, which optimizes fuel/air ratios on the fly, and a Ignition Module which can make the difference on the track. All of it can be connected to a network and fine adjusted on a computer, just like in a MotoGP garage. Additionally, the Quick Shifter Sensor. We just recently installed a PC-V and a Quick Shifter to one of our school bikes. The instructions are clear- nothing has to be spliced- and a matching map is a download away. The quick shifter need to be activated, and that’s it. The bike shifts through the gears as smooth as it can get.

These Dynojet systems are a big upgrade you can do to your bike.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp


This is great news. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) launched the new Get Up to Speed on Motorcycles campaign to help motorists understand standard motorcycle driving behaviors and to learn how to drive safely around motorcycles.

Motorcyclists accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities while motorcycles make up just 3 percent of all registered vehicles in the United States. Motorcyclists are about 27 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to die in a motor vehicle crash, and 5 times more likely to be injured.

The NHTSA has some general suggestions on how to stay save on public roads:

  • Slow down, assess your surroundings, and don’t rush when crossing intersections, entering the roadway from a parking lot or driveway, or turning left. Always give yourself enough time to thoroughly check for motorcyclists.
  • When turning left, ensure there is enough time and space for the motorcyclist to clear the roadway before you initiate the left turn.
  • Don’t follow motorcyclists too closely and allow sufficient braking cushion between your vehicle and the motorcycle in front of you to give your vehicle enough room to come to a complete stop without a collision. Remember, a motorcyclist’s brake lights might not always be engaged when a motorcycle decelerates.
  • Always double-check your blind spots when changing lanes or starting to entering or exiting the roadways. Adjust your rear- and side-view mirrors and use them properly.
  • If someone you know drives a motorcycle, tell him or her to always wear a helmet—even if the law doesn’t require it. According to NHTSA, an estimated 740 lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets.

I think that this is just a fraction of what you could do better as a rider. Isn’t it?!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Let me introduce to you Moto-Gear, a motorcycle leather specialized factory.

What’s so special with them besides that they sponsor Superbike-Coach now?… they are able to make quality leather suits exactly the way you want it, for way less then stock suits of their competitors. So besides custom measurements- the entire suit can be designed the way you want it.

Here is my design draw I gave them with my measures:

And this is how I got it from Moto-Gear withing a couple of weeks. I actually got two, but there was something wrong with our measurements- but here is the thing… Moto-Gear just took it back and corrected it without complaining or asking. That is service!

The pictures below show the suit goes through production, and you can tell their eye for detail to get it as close as possible to the draft. What I really like are the sponsor patches and my 36, which is all printed. Suits are starting at $650, and yes the extras cost you a fee- but also that pricing is oversee-able and won’t kill you financially.

For the 2nd suit I even could drop off special requests which are not on the portfolio, like no collar around the neck (that’s how I use to have all of my race suits in pro racing)- or the racing hump size on the back. The biggest upgrade you can do is to go with Kangaroo leather instead of Cow. I use to always have Kangaroo leather in racing because it’s lighter and can take more. Though I had to let that go for a while when I went with other brands. Now, finally after all those years I can surround this body with this luxury again. Kangaroo leather is thinner, lighter and has more flexibility. Just to get in and out is way easier because of that.

Moto-Gear can make your suit for racing purpose, sport or regular street riding position as 1 or 2 piece. Single jackets are also on their portfolio. I gonna truly enjoy the lightness and perforated leathers in the hot Californian sun.

What else is so special with them?!… Well, they will have a discount for all Superbike-Coach students. Now how cool is that?!

Go check them out:

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

#motogear #continental #Arai #techspec

Yep, you might think we do this because TechSpec is our sponsor- but the reason they are is that we believe in their product as riders which each of my SBC staffs are. We’re all using them on our school- AND personal bikes!

I met founder and inventor of the Gripster Tank Grips, Dean Davis, in 2011 when Superbike-Coach was just 2 years old. We took our bikes for a fun ride in the Foothills. Dean is one of those kids who love what they do and are passionate for motorcycles. He developed something which is useful for all types and categories of riders. See why we’re matching?! He believes in what we do- and I believe in what he does.

Straight up… I was skeptical when I was about to try those Gripsters the first time, because I actually like the smoothness around the gas tank and not to be restricted by some sticky stuff. That flu away in no time, because the weight of advantages dropping the scale on the positive side. I had to adjust.

When I did, I needed less lag strength to keep my but in the rear (I use to squeeze knee in the tank even going straight). Also the ‘hold on to it’ under hard braking goes much easier, cuz’ I didn’t slide forward as much. That keeps center gravity low- ergo- I can brake harder and more precisely (and later on the track :-). These were my first impressions with them, but there is more down the road:

  • Tank Gripsters protect your expensive paint
  • They come easy off if needed without residues
  • Gives the bike custom look
  • Not wearing out your gear like other products do

Do they wear out?… yes, and that’s good, because other products make your riding gear look old damn quick. I personally prefer to replace my Gripster Tank Grip, instead of f’n up my custom Moto-Gear racing suit folks!

This is one of a few good upgrades you can do to your bike which doesn’t delete your bank account and which really makes sense in many ways. Go get some :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp