Superbike-coach cornering school day 2

We could save your Mothersday by rescheduling the cornering school day 2 from 5/10/2020 to 5/9/2020 :-)

For all day 1 graduates I would highly suggest to go grab a spot there NOW, because the waiting list for the booked out day 2 class on 3/22/ is huge. All those student will go for a 5/9/ spot soon, so you better have one now! Go get it here.

Thanks to the Little 99 Raceway for helping with this!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

My photographers Dean Lonskey and Elaina Pitre took over 5000 pics of this class. They pulled some featured pics to shorten waiting time until all pics are ready for free download

Alright folks. 2019 comes quickly so I hope you are ready for it and to reset your stars.
The Superbike-Coach schedule for our Cornering classes is set for 2019, and they are already filling up. We’ll put up all events/classes one after another, but I strongly suggest to have a look already:

Day 1:…/ca…/cornering-school-day-1
Day 2:…/…/cornering-school-day-2-2
Day 3:…/ca…/cornering-school-day-3
Day 4/Track Academy:…/ca…/cornering-school-day-4

Hope to meet- or to see you again and to see your progress!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I am happily announcing that we’ve made the final edits to our new trailer about our popular Cornering School program.

Special thanks to the team member Marion Akkaya, Dean Lonskey and Gary Lonskey. You guys have been motivated and dedicated to what we do in all those years. I can’t be more happy with a team like this and I am proud for what we do together. Enjoy the trailer:


Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

With every class, events and seminars I learn something new about the needs of the people I coach and talk to. To gather intelligence is one of the building blocks of how I design my programs.

One perception goes deep. Actually way deeper as it might feels/looks at first glance, and this is that most riders are actually don’t even know what they are looking for in a motorcycle riding class. When I ask plain, the general answer is ‘I want to be more confident.‘, or ‘I don’t know. I believe I need to fix my body positioning‘. I have my ways to get more specifics from them they begin to warm up and telling me their stories.

It seems that most are looking for solutions based on the situations they’ve experienced, like ‘I am hitting debris in a blind turn. How to deal with this?’- or ‘How to get around a deer’- or ‘…a merging car…’ etc. Some actually getting a little mad when I reject the question. Why?!… well, because my imagination of what exactly their situation was is pretty limited, isn’t it?! I mean… how can you expect to hear from me a 100% solution if I don’t know ALL OF THESE FACTORS:

  • how fast were you?
  • what was your EXACT lean?
  • what was the EXACT distance to the object?
  • what’s your reaction time like?
  • how do you react under panic?
  • what was your EXACT line?
  • was there a bump?
  • how was the grip niveau of the asphalt?
  • was the space to the left/right?
  • at what EXACT point and angle in the turn?
  • how was the light?
  • how is your bike setup?
  • how old are your tires, and what are they capable of?
  • did you have sleep enough last night?
  • did you have a beer or too last night?

are linked with each other and make a plain answer impossible. Sure, I could give a standardized truism answer like ‘counter steer’, but in the end it is just an empty phrase, because without knowing all of the factors above… how should I know where and when to put an eventual live saving counter steer?!

But no, some really get mad and might think that I wouldn’t know or that I’m just sales pitching Cornering classes, when I keep the explanation in a seminar short when questions coming my way in regard counter steering. Of course I KNOW, but if I would try to explain it without doing live demos, drills, and plenty of riding time and to correct you to finally get it down… then it actually is it just like the same as if you would read it in a damn book, where efficiency is questionable (!). Any answer would be just a waste of time and the rider filled only with half-knowledge.

So what is the ‘perfect street rider class’? How about I deliver the scenario to send you through a bunch of blind turns- covered with debris, and let you go back and forth? Or I send you down a long straight into glaring sunlight and let deer’s jump in your way? Those deers would be exchangeable with red, white and silver Priuses so that would be covered as well. How about a class like that?! Sorry no, because the ‘SURVIVAL SKILLS’ you are looking for are to get a other way. How?!…

OK, imagine you are going trough a blind turn, and you are realizing that you are heading towards debris. What do you think is the appropriate procedure to get ‘around’ it (the solution is in the word)??? Yep… you need to ‘corner’ to go around it.
What about avoiding the deer or the damn Prius?… Yep… you need to ‘corner’. What about to hit the ‘escaping’ gap you see opening?… Yep… you need to ‘corner’. What about to have to emergency brake so hard, but you mental coolness allows to make decisions to ease into trail braking and to counter steer away?!… YOU NEED TO LEARN TO CORNER TO GET THE SURVIVAL SKILLS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! Ergo- A cornering class is what you need for God’s sake!You think you can get it in a parking lot class which copied their drills from others? Is this the way you could get the MENTAL COOLNESS I’ve mentioned?! Sorry no, and please let me add at this point that your mental stability is the skill which kicks in first when hitting debris, the deer, the Prius driver, or that 20 years old driving that SV while texting a complaint on Facebook how f’d up everyone is driving today. I know I can help you with that too.
Headcoach Can Akkaya, Sacramento 03/21/2018


We just ran the last Cornering School Day 1 class this year back on 11/5/2017, and it was a blast.

It was pretty cold in the morning so that we brought our 100 cups coffee maker which our 30 students had a good use for. I loved seeing those guys improving session after session and even Ryan, a editor was pretty happy with what we’re doing (read article here).

I can’t be more proud of my Cornering School team Marion, Gary and Dean. Thanks for doing this with me for all those years. It never feels the same, and I can’t wait to publish the Cornering School schedule for 2018. Love you guys!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach

The Superbike-Coach Cornering School program is extremely popular.  We have riders coming from all over the United States and some students even coming from overseas. That riders are taking Day 1, and that they are coming back for Days 2 & 3 says a lot about it, too. Spreading the Days out over a longer (but oversee-able) period of time makes sense in multiple ways:

  • It’s less overwhelming for the student
  • The student has a decent amount of time before the next Day for track time and to work on drills.
  • The Days follow a logical subject order.  So, the student efficiently builds up to the next class.
  • Taking plenty of time between Days helps to mentally settle and fine tune subjects before moving on
  • And, it allows me to see if a student is ready to attack the next step or if they need more help.

This class offers a full spectrum of cornering—from A to Z.  Needless to say, we’re welcoming all types/levels of riders to this program.  But, we often get emails from riders who are trying to find a way around taking “Day 1”.  Which, is often incorrectly seen as the “beginner level”, especially by the more experienced rider- who can’t seem to grasp the deeper value of the class as a whole.  They tend to see these classes superficially—but more on this later.

SBC student Ryan George started on a pretty low rider level with Day 1. He is a A-group rider today!

So, take the typical track rider who fits in this scenario pretty well… On the top of his/her wish list is the subject of “Body Positioning”.  They’ll ask “Can’t you teach me just that?” or they’ll say “I suck at counter-steering.  But I don’t want to do the other subjects!”  This is when my logic kicks in and says… “But, if you don’t have THIS subject down, then you can’t be very good at all the other stuff, can ya?!”

In fact, once this rider gets into the class, some of subjects are not even known. Or they have been wrongly taught in the copying process used by other riding schools.  Which, actually means that you should not try to skip subjects and try to just grab the one skill you think you might need—like candy in a damn store. You actually hurt yourself because you’re skipping out on something extremely powerful.

Cuz’… I can help you put your mindset in the right place. I teach you how to keep ego and emotions in check. I know about the mental state of a rider (maybe more than anyone else).  Even if you lack confidence, you don’t need to be ashamed of it.  I will change the way you look at things, which often goes way beyond riding bikes. I can help change your attitude to help you do things you might not have thought you’d been capable of—on the track and off.  I’m not just teaching skills.  I’m teaching a PHILOSOPHY.

So how about we look at it as what it is…a ‘complete working system’.  Because to try to get a single piece of candy makes no sense, when you could actually, one day, OWN THE DAMN CANDY STORE!!!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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