Yea, that’s right… 14 of 18 students. Only with Superbike-Coach baby :-)


More featured pictures by Dean Lonskey:

I just wanna let you guys know about something…

There are riders who are trying for years and lots of money to get that knee down. Riders who are seeing other schools and tons of track days- following slogans…

But here is Superbike-Coach and the proof where our Knee Down class goes. Last Saturday, on 4/28/2018… 18 out of a 21 students made it. I am proud for each one, because non of the 21 gave up… never quit! Eighteen of a twenty-one!
Two of those who didn’t make it, loved it to death and will book again. The one who’s left didn’t like it that much. At that point… who’s responsible for that one?

You still don’t believe?! Cool, keep doing what you’re doing, cuz’ your ego is not a good match for us anyway. I repeat…
Eighteen of a twenty-one!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

How does a success rate of 85% sound like?…

We’ve got riders coming in from all over the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong, and we had them all on their knees! Nobody got hurt, even though we had a couple of crashes on the record with our mini bike which has been included in this program. Paying for a damage to it?… no, not at Superbike-Coach but pure fun, thrill and action instead.

Everyone went back home with a big smile on the face, and that is what drives me. Thanks to my team for being so passionate and loyal.

Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey made amazing shots of our students and he has an eye to showcase the atmosphere of this class, doesn’t he? He could pick some featured pictures to shorten the waiting time until he’s got thousands of pics ready for FREE download.

Not just that is only with Superbike-Coach… this here too… riders who couldn’t get it done somewhere else, but with Superbike-Coach !!!


Yep… it is coming up again… quicker as you may think. So if you don’t want to miss it again, then I suggest to grab one of the last available spots:

This is Pete btw, who attended the Wheelie class back in May! Pete, a wheelie course graduate

No trick- no pitch… these classes will book out in the next 3 weeks… guaranteed!