Knee Down class biggest success rate ever


How does a success rate of 85% sound like?…

We’ve got riders coming in from all over the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong, and we had them all on their knees! Nobody got hurt, even though we had a couple of crashes on the record with our mini bike which has been included in this program. Paying for a damage to it?… no, not at Superbike-Coach but pure fun, thrill and action instead.

Everyone went back home with a big smile on the face, and that is what drives me. Thanks to my team for being so passionate and loyal.

Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey made amazing shots of our students and he has an eye to showcase the atmosphere of this class, doesn’t he? He could pick some featured pictures to shorten the waiting time until he’s got thousands of pics ready for FREE download.

Not just that is only with Superbike-Coach… this here too… riders who couldn’t get it done somewhere else, but with Superbike-Coach !!!


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  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    That big smile is still on my face :) I got one of the best memories that Saturday, thanks a lot Coach!
    Thanks to all other in team and biker family out there for all your support and love!
    And Dean, that’s an awesome shot of me, thanks man :D

    • PageAdmin
      PageAdmin says:

      We came such a long way Elena. Remember when you started working with Superbike-Coach? You was a total beginner level rider… month later… you’re dragging knee!
      Proud for you


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