That Superbike-Coach books up another track day should show a lot, doesn’t it?!

We’re making the difference in many ways. We’re not trying to make things look better by telling riders that a track day replaces training and knowledge (Ref. ‘Does a Track Day really make you a better rider?‘). We’re not keeping ticket fees artificially low by using a low-turn track layout and so to skip on rental and Marshalls. We’re not having ‘Instructors’ racing each other who are actually giving a damn about their own passing rules. We’re not hiring instructors who actually need a coach themselves to know the Thunderhill line. We’re not running a ‘track school’, just because we’re ‘good street riders’ and teaching made up body positioning stuff.

No copied stuff- no BS… this is Superbike-Coach

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

We’ve decided to change the format of our track days to give the riders more riding time.

Till today the format was 7 sessions, 15 minutes each. We’ll change it to 7 sessions for 20 minutes each, How cool is that huh?! :-)

  • Group B+, Track Day, Experienced track and street riders- sport and race bikes
  • Group B, Track Day, Intermediate street riders- sporttour or sportbikes
  • Group C, Track Day, Low experienced street riders or track newbies- on all kinds of bikes

We’ll start doing it this way with our very next track day on July 3rd at Thunderhill West Raceway. Sign up and join our non-competitive track day which is highly reviewed. Our track day in a nutshell:

  • B+, B, and C group with respectful rules
  • Seven sessions of 20 minutes each
  • No bike preparation required (only mirrors and speedometer taping this time)
  • No track specific gear required (street rider gear in leather OR textile are accepted)
  • No ego driven Instructors racing each other
  • Control riders for etiquette
  • Coach Can Akkaya on the track to help riders in all groups
  • No competitive atmosphere
  • Professional track Marshall’s
  • Emergency crew
  • Free ideal line west seminar by headcoach Can
  • All bikes and rider levels are welcome
  • Free sport photography
  • Only $150 bux

Come and feel what makes Superbike-Coach track days different!


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