I think that this was a wheelie course with a success rate of 65%.

Most students had the right attitude and spirit for it, but the entire class was high energy- that’s for sure. The nature of this class brings me and my team, mentally and physically to the absolute limit so that some might get it quite harsh. In the end it just shows our passion to make everyone being successful.

Superbike-Coach puts some equipment on the ground to deliver something very unique. Besides the coaching we had our mini-wheelie bike make them look like kids having fun. The wheelie machine is some bad ass equipment which give rider the feel for the balance point and throttle control. My Supermotard is included to have 1on1 time with me, and we have a brand new KTM Supermotard with my wheelie bar as a rental…

What else to ask for huh?!… a safe as possible and legal place?… bad ass coaching?… free photography, snacks and drinks?! YES, all of this as well.

We’re feeling with the two crashed riders, but we are hell of happy that no one got hurt and that your spirits are unbroken. Very impressed I am :-)

My friend Chris from Germany could help where ever it was needed , and he could get quite a picture of the ‘high-voltage’ environment we at Superbike-Coach are running.

Photographer Dean Lonskey made thousands of pics and some video. All of it comes free of charge by the end of the week. Till then… here are some featured pics. Enjoy! :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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