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Supermoto’s are real cool actually. What I personally like to most is, that if you go down… you just pick them back up and keep going, while a regular sport bike spreads in thousands of pieces right in front of your eyes. Another aspect is, or maybe also that’s why… they make the search for ‘mid turn aggression’ easier. I am a fan, also for racing itself. So I though of combining these and to offer a unique class where you’ll learn all about it, and to actually race at the end of the day!

If you ever wanted to do a real race, maybe a bucket list thang of yours, or even a goal… then listen up! I just developed a new program ‘Supermoto Class & Race‘.

Supermoto class and race with Superbike-Coach This class is delivering subjects of skills all morning- and goes into grid starts, race and passing strategies in the afternoon where you even end up doing a qualifying heat, and a final race! How f’n cool is that?! So if you have what’s considered to be a Supermoto bike (any size)… this is it.

We have only two SM rentals for that one, so you better be quick to get one.

Don’t waste time, cuz’ we’ll run this class only annually. Date is set to 10/6/2024

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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  1. Dean Lonskey
    Dean Lonskey says:

    This is AWESOME news! Over the years, Supermoto riding/racing has become more and more popular and now there’s FINALLY someone in NorCal creating a specific class for this. Sure, Coach Can of Superbike-coach, does do 1-on-1 Supermoto classes, sometimes up to 4 riders, but this class is TOTALLY different. The coolest part is students NOW get to have an actual race to REALLY get the feel of what it’s truly like…LOVE IT!

    I’ve taken a Supermoto class with Coach Can and it was a blast…wish we’d done this in my class, after all I’m m an ex-motocrosser so that would have right in .y comfort zone…hahaha. If you have a Supermoto (also called “Motards” and Supermotards) then you REALLY need to get on on this… you’ll have a BLAST!


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