Recap Last Knee & Wheelie Classes (Oct 11 & 12)

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Recap Last Knee & Wheelie Classes

Headcoach Can Akkaya:  Let’s recap our last Wheelie and Knee Down classes in Oct 11 & 12:

Luckily it was not that hot in Stockton as it use to be… but what was going on on our track… that was hot. Seeing my students all weekend to aim for a real goal and having me and my team working real hard to make most of them reaching these goals- that makes my classes always to an eye opening experience. I start this story out with a testimonial from Dean Lonskey:

Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course, Oct 2014 (178)           “I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 40 years (desert, motocross, street), 26 years recently on street, and I’ve always been a little nervous about doing wheelies but would still try. Taking the wheelie course helped with that and Superbike-Coach is a really good school to take. The instructors are very honest, upfront, and experienced (just one look at them in action was enough to convince me!). The 1on1 part of the class, with ear buds in your helmet listening to Headcoach Can giving instructions, is a MUST for EVERYONE! Coach Can Akkaya never pulls any punches and tells you “like it is…good and bad”. You can do something WRONG and he’ll let you know right then and there. However, just as quick as he gets on you for a mistake, he’s right there cheering you on and congratulating you when you do something correct. Anyone who takes this class will come away with something new learned or something remembered that was forgotten“.

I think Deans review says it all, and the 75-80% success rate confirms the efficiency of the program and the way Superbike-Coach runs it. But yes- not everyone was successful. I don’t worry about this too much because some students just needs a little longer to get there. Plus… we have that 50 bux off ‘Dare You Discount’ for the next Knee and Wheelie class for them.

Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course, Oct 2014 (113)Thanks to my Assistant Coaches Mike and Ruslan, as well as photographer Katie Kreig- we was ‘on the student’ all day long. This team- and letting our students pulling the c… out of the Mini-Bike, displays our efforts and willing power we all put in to make our students being successful.  I think Katie’s pictures here, and the ones for free download are helping to remember what we all have done that weekend. I would appreciate every dollar you donate to her paypal address ( for getting all pictures free of charge, only at Superbike-Coach:

Also the Knee Down class was fantastic. I had a blast seeing all students working so hard to commit to the learned subjects and bring it to the grid to reach that goal… to drag the knee, which was soooo far away until last October 11th. For me, this is like being Santa who brings the kids presents- just because all the efforts and risks I am going to make events like this happen finding its purpose right in the moment when I hear the asphalt grinds that knee puck down.

Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course, Oct 2014 (97)

Btw… the Knee Down course qualifies students to skip ‘Cornering School – Day 1’, and get right into CSD-2, where I teach Lines on the entire fun track- Trail Braking- Counter steering and much more. Take advantage of it (next CSD-2: Oct 26th)!

I look forward to read your feedback and testimonials!

Hope to see all of you guys again!

Coach Can



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