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New Superbike-Coach program; Track Rookie class

Actually I was planning to announce our new program with the first newsletter in 2023. Same time I am thinking… why waiting?! So here it is, the Track Rookie class. The background first.

You have absolute no idea what I got to see in all those years while teaching people on big race tracks. What I witnessed there was sometimes worse than seeing things going down in professional racing. I personally can handle it, cuz’ I know what to expect and know what I’m doing, as well those students who are with me later on.

But what about you, and those who are at the point to finally do their first motorcycle track day ever?! You are about to find out in what kind of chaos you bought yourself into. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to talk you out of it, but this is not really a save and especially not a non-competitive place, even though organizers saying it. Yes there are rules, but only a few, which are mostly only in the hands of the other attendees. You know… a control rider can see only that much, and most of the time only then, when the damage is done already.

Sure, a track day ain’t racing. Well… go ask that ego driven guy who just slammed the door on my student and almost got him down on T4 at Laguna Seca. Go ask that organizer who welcomed all those hooligans and didn’t care much about 38 crashes in one f’n track day. You ask for safety at a track day? That’s like asking your Commander for safety before going straight into enemy lines. Go in the ring with Mike Tyson and ask him not to punch you.

Superbikecoach track rookie classSame route goes for the learning effect. Even though those organizers say they have instructors and you’ll learn a lot… understand there ain’t much of it. Talking about where elbow and butt should be won’t help much while you ‘roll’ down the straight with 60 miles an hour and others flying by at a 160. Learning there is very limited, unless you are an extremely experienced street rider already.

You feel like that’s what C-group is for? It should, but reality is that most are all over the f’n place. Speed differences are almost dangerous, and some fast guys going in C just because their friends are there or there was no B or A slot left. Yep… blame me for telling the truth! So let’s call it what it really is in the end… exciting. That’s what it comes down to and I surely don’t want to take away from you, but don’t be a fool.

Intensive huh?! Yep, and guess what. In the end it’s as safe how you make it, and that’s what this ‘Track Rookie Class‘ is all about- to un-tense it, and to prepare you for it. I remember when I got on a track first time, and how intimidated I was just because of that facility of speed. This is why we let you ride for many hours on our Little 99 Raceway to fade that feel. We’ll go through the entire process of bike and rider preparation and its requirements. From registration to tech inspection. Track etiquette- the official and the unofficial ones. And of course to ride on a race track.

For only $139, you’ll get the class- track riding- free sport photography and snacks/water. But what you mainly get is- a smooth transition into a new, very exciting world and interesting motorcycle community. This class gives you a head start!!!

Join our first Track Rookie Class on 3/5/2023

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Suspension Workshop On A Race Track

It would be ideal, but a professional racer doesn’t have to know how to setup suspensions and all what comes along with it. He has to know how to report symptoms though. Without it- his engineer doesn’t even know where to start. To find answers, the engineer has to know what questions to ask. Without knowing what to ask- the racer might not know what to look for.

See the struggle?! This is exactly where our ‘Workshop & Track Time‘ class goes. it literally covers both sides but without overwhelming you. The class overlooks the basics of the why/how’s of ergonomics, tires and pressure, geometry, and the suspension of course.

We, the Superbike-Coach team, are helping you to find the right settings to make your bike really yours. It goes way beyond this actually, because most of the time we’ll find issues with your bike you might never noticed or even adapted to. I can tell you frightening stories of what we could help to fix before things go down for the rider…

That’s not all. In-between every class session, you will go on our Little 99 Raceway to explore those settings, and learn to report for trouble shooting. The main goals are:

  • Confidence boost: easier operation
  • Better rider: understanding logic concepts
  • Gaining: More comfort for street riding
  • Safety or speed: More tire grip

Every rider/bike is welcome to join this for only $99, and that even includes free sport photography. Get your ticket for 10/25/2020 before it’s too late, because there are only a few spots left (full description and booking).

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Feeding the demand: Additional Cornering Day 2 class on 9/11/2022

We’re feeding the high demand by adding another Cornering Day 2 class to our calendar: 9/11/2022

We know about the problem that not all of our Day 1 graduates can find a Day 2 spot- or if they do, then it’s far out. So for those who already have a Day 2 spot- I would like to ask you to stick with it, especially if you also have a Day 3 spot already. That would help us, and those who are waiting for an additional Day 2 date way longer than you.

So, I hope ya’ll take advantage of it and that I’ll get to see you on 9/11/2022 for Cornering Day 2.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

The Moto Lawyer donates motorcycle to Superbike-Coach

I was quite surprised when Rafael Carrillo (Carrillo Law Center Stockton) announced that he’ll be donating a motorcycle to Superbike-Coach last week.

I can’t put in words what this means to us, the entire Superbike-Coach team, because this additional bike will make things for us easier on multiple levels.

Rafael and his wife Yazmin running their law firm in Stockton CA and support us since about two years. I feel blessed to have them on our side, because they are also infected with the motorcycle virus. They are specialized in traffic laws and have helped hundreds of fellow riders. They actually have a discount for Superbike-Coach students, so just so you know.

Carrillo Law Center donated

Thanks Rafael. Love ya!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

michelin racepace superbikecoach

Superbike-Coach on Michelin Tires

Superbike-Coach signs contract with Michelin USA and Racepace Motorsports.

I am super excited about this. I remember, I raced for Michelin as a Semi-Pro and know how fast those tires are. I can just imagine their potential nova days, having profoundly gained experience and development over the years and especially since Michelin is engaged in MotoGP.

Can Akkaya as a semi pro in 1990. He crashed in lead in the race in Luxemburg, Colmar Berg

So, I can’t wait to be back with Michelin and to work directly with Racepace Motorsports. Best of all… even our students are going to have an advantage from this partnership, because Racepace Motorsports has a discount for them on Michelin tire sets.

No matter what you’re riding… Michelin has the right tire for you as well. Go check ’em out.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp