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A&S Motorcycles Roseville officially supports the Superbike-Coach Corp

Nothing makes more sense than this relationship. A&S Motorcycles in Roseville officially supports the Superbike-Coach Corp.

A & S Motorcycles opened its doors in 1968. Anthony and Adrian Felice and Sheldon Pine founded the company and their first name initials provided it’s name – “A&S”. Our first location was in Folsom, CA and we expanded to an additional salvage operation on Franklin Blvd. in Sacramento in 1982. By 1988 we’d also been doing business on Auburn Blvd. in Citrus Heights and it was there that we opened the BMW motorcycle dealership along with the newly-revived Triumph brand, serving the greater Sacramento area.  Still more growth finally resulted in the move to our current location in Roseville CA in 1999. In 2009 we added Ducati motorcycles and in 2011, we brought back Triumph motorcycles, making us your one-stop shop for premium motorcycle brands.

AS LogoWe are looking forward to a long lasting and healthy partnership with A&S. Randy Felice, manager at A&S took always good care of Superbike-Coach bikes. We’ll be around at their events and to do some seminars.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Student & Donator Ride Out Was A Blast

Pandemic and lock downs got in the way, but Superbike-Coach could finally turn over what’s been promised for a long time.

The SBC team of Marion, Chris, Mark, Wayne, Dean and myself delivered so that this free student and donator ride out was such a blast that we decided to plan such (or other) get-togethers ones a year. Here are some of Dean Lonskeys pictures.

Headcoach Cn Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Rider Passenger Class Rescheduled

Unfortunately I have to make a decision in regard to your Rider Passenger Class.

We’ll have to move this class from 9/16/ to 11/21/ in order to cover the high demand for Cornering Day 1 classes.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Additional Cornering Day 2 class

I come to you with bad news for our knee down class on 7/10/2021.

The high demand for cornering day 2 classes lead to the decision to turn 7/10/ to a day 2 class. I’m sorry that you have to suffer because of this, but we would like to move your booking towards the knee down class on 10/16/2021.

Day 1 grads… make your bookings:
Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp
superbikecoach cornering school Can Akkaya

Cornering Day 2 4/11/ Rescheduled To 5/8/2021

To day 2 4/11/ ticket owners:
I can’t put my disappointment in words, but it’s better for all of us to reschedule our day 2 class for three reasons which the track can’t give us right now:
Maximum safety
Maximum fun
Maximum learning with Superbike-Coach
The track admin is convinced to be all done with the track by the end of this month. I’ve heard that before, so let’s see!!!
Luckily I can come to you with a reschedule date already: 5/8/2021
Important is, that you come back to me with an ‘OK for 5/8/’- or with a day 2 date to move you to. If you have to be moved to a other day 2 date, you might want to check if there is also a day 3 to move.
PLEASE respond immediately, so I know you won’t stand at the gate on Sunday and put needles into a voodoo coach puppet.
Love ya’ll :-)