Here it comes again- the Superbike-Coach Track Day at Thunderhill West Raceway. In one month from now, on 9/8/2018, we are starting our 6th track day at this amazing track.

Our track days are track beginner and safety orientated, and 90% of the riders have done programs with Superbike-Coach. You’ll find a way higher respect level for each other as anywhere else. The family like environment is special, and I put heart and soul into it. I leave at that point away what other organizers do, and leave that to you to find out. But this is what WE do, and not do:

  • No fast-guy preferred ‘we make fun about your chicken strips’ event. Every rider on every bike is welcome.
  • We don’t require and bike preparation.
  • We don’t require racing gear just to have some fun with us. Street riding gear is fair enough.
  • We’re not saving on rental fee and corner workers by skipping on best parts of the West track. No- we’re using all 10 turns for maximum fun.
  • That also makes a lower headcount/track length ratio with SBC.
  • Eight corner Marshall’s seeing more than four.
  • Our ‘black sheep’ penalty system keeps BS portions low.
  • We have experienced control riders who are there for the riders, not to race each other.
  • Top notch medical and safety staff.
  • We tow your bike back into the paddock if necessary.
  • We have Dean Lonskey photographer giving his work for FREE to all riders. What’s that… a 50-100 bux saving?!
  • And I am, a ex-Pro racer and professional coach, giving a FREE ‘ideal line west seminar’ and ride with you whenever possible.

What I personally like the most with our track days are the people which are coming together, from my team, track staff and of course the riders. So if you are worried doing a track day because of all the things you’ve heard… then here is the solution. Join our non-competitive and less-hassle track day on September 8th 2018 at Thunderhill Raceway with Superbike-Coach.

Read this article to see how to prepare for a track day and to know what to expect: HOW TO PREPARE FOR A SBC TRACK DAY

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Now it’s official- Superbike-Coach starts out organizing track days. I’m super excited about it because I was thinking about that for a long time already. Our students were asking about it anyway, because they herd real bad stories about other existing track organizers. We are going to be different in many ways… as I run my school programs different… so my track day will be!

So our first track day will be on March 20th 2016 at Thunderhill West Raceway, which is challenging and fun at the same time. But what I really want to do is, to offer this track day to anyone- not just students- or riders with a sport bike… no- to literally any motorcycle rider!

So no matter about gender, age, or level… no matter what bike you come up with… I’ll have a spot for you. See why we’re different?! We are- and beyond, but let’s see if some questions or points are matching your feelings about it:

  • …you always wanted to hit the track with your cruiser or Gold Wing just to have some fun?!
  • …you don’t want to make a huge technical deal, for taking your sport bike to the track?!
  • …you’re an experienced track rider but you never had the chance to go around a track with a MotoGP wild Card ex-pro?!
  • …you herd that some track organizers aren’t beginner friendly?!
  • …are you worried that this is ‘too much’ for you?!
  • …you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to gear up, just to go to the track?!
  • …you don’t need high speed straightaways to be freaked out?!

Superbike-Coach will deliver all of this- for beginners, and for the very experienced ones.

I’ll be on the track as much as I can, and I will try to take advantage of each second I can show a rider how to do it better. I’ll also give a free seminar on the ‘Ideal Line West’ while lunch break, so that each one can go out again- and goes home with something new. The spots are already going, so don’t wait too long to safe yours:

I can’t wait to March now and to see lot’s of students again, as well as a bunch of new faces.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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