Superbike-Coach Track Days at Thunderhill Raceway in 2024

I am super excited to go into the 2024 riding season as we just settled dates for Track Days at Thunderhill West Raceway in 2024.

Not just that, I also decided for running dedicated classes during these track days. Instead of having the typical 3 groups, we have 2 (B+ and B), and the 3rd one will be reserved for a class. This makes our track days even more outstanding. I’ve been always thinking of taking the ‘Track Rookie‘ and the ‘Track Academy‘ classes to the big track as an logical next step for our students. Nothing changes for all groups being out on the wonderful Thunderhill Raceway, as everyone will get the usual 7×20 track sessions. It’s just that the class group is going to have classroom in-between.

Superbike-Coach track day $ track academy class on 11/3/2024 Superbike-Coach track day and track rookie class 6/2/2024 Hope this is making sense. Anyhow, the Superbike-Coach Corp will be running two track days in 2024. One on 6/2/2024, which will be hosting the Track Rookie class, and on 11/3/2024 which hosts the Track Academy class. Also as an logical order.

Our track days at Thunderhill West Raceway always have been different, but this is going to elevate them even more. Hope ya’ll take advantage of it and sign up early to secure and to support.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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  1. Dean Lonskey
    Dean Lonskey says:

    Boy, 2 track days with Superbike-coach in 2024, with one being combined with their TRACK ROOKIE class & another with their TRACK ACADEMY…!!!…SWEETNESS…!!!


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