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To maintain our fleet properly, we have to have a updated and well sorted garage. That includes tools, liquids, parts and accessories… all from BikeMaster. Headcoach Can Akkaya: “These guys rock, and they love motorcycles as much as I do. What I really respect is that they are there for me when ever I need them”. Coach’s last video displays BikeMaster’s gigantic portfolio well: ”

…and that’s no wonder because that helmet saved Coach’s life multiple times. He’s connected to the brand since 1984, which was Can’s second year of amateur racing. Arai Germany walked with him up to international pro racing, and Arai Helmet USA took over in 2010.

Can loves his new Arai Corsair: “The new shape feels smaller, but it actually is more spacious inside. just great!”

Can Akkaya 1987

Can Akkaya 1987 is the premier calendar of all your favorite group rides and events under one roof.
From local day rides, to regional adventure rides to multi-day road trips. From moto shows, to demo days, to bike nights and special events.

Superbike-Coach loves also their Meetup Group Forum because it brings like-minded people together and builds friendships- kinda what’s happening in our Cornering School Day’s.

Give them a shot and register free to join their riding events in the Bay area. I will join some of their rides as well so wee might meet and ride together.

group rides with superbike-coach

Best regards and a Happy new year!

Headcoach Can Akkaya


Now it’s official- Superbike-Coach starts out organizing track days. I’m super excited about it because I was thinking about that for a long time already. Our students were asking about it anyway, because they herd real bad stories about other existing track organizers. We are going to be different in many ways… as I run my school programs different… so my track day will be!

So our first track day will be on March 20th 2016 at Thunderhill West Raceway, which is challenging and fun at the same time. But what I really want to do is, to offer this track day to anyone- not just students- or riders with a sport bike… no- to literally any motorcycle rider!

So no matter about gender, age, or level… no matter what bike you come up with… I’ll have a spot for you. See why we’re different?! We are- and beyond, but let’s see if some questions or points are matching your feelings about it:

  • …you always wanted to hit the track with your cruiser or Gold Wing just to have some fun?!
  • …you don’t want to make a huge technical deal, for taking your sport bike to the track?!
  • …you’re an experienced track rider but you never had the chance to go around a track with a MotoGP wild Card ex-pro?!
  • …you herd that some track organizers aren’t beginner friendly?!
  • …are you worried that this is ‘too much’ for you?!
  • …you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to gear up, just to go to the track?!
  • …you don’t need high speed straightaways to be freaked out?!

Superbike-Coach will deliver all of this- for beginners, and for the very experienced ones.

I’ll be on the track as much as I can, and I will try to take advantage of each second I can show a rider how to do it better. I’ll also give a free seminar on the ‘Ideal Line West’ while lunch break, so that each one can go out again- and goes home with something new. The spots are already going, so don’t wait too long to safe yours:

I can’t wait to March now and to see lot’s of students again, as well as a bunch of new faces.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Also last Sunday’s Wheelie Course was booked out, and the 30 students couldn’t wait to begin. The Superbike-Coach team grew with its relatively complicated time schedule, and so we are happy that Gary Lonskey was in charge to coordinate three groups from one task to another.

“Unfortunately” we had to start half an hour later due to a CBS TV team for a ‘Good Morning Sacramento‘ live coverage. But our students took it easy because we just added the lost time.

About 65% is the succeed rate and I am still very impressed by some- and proud of all to make it out to pick the challenge. Our assistant coaches Rus and Vincent did a fantastic job as well as my wife Marion to coordinate my 1on1 students. Also Dean Lonskey, the Superbike-Coach photographer worked his butt off. Amazing team effort!

FREE OF CHARGE and ready to download for our students are Dean’s pics on our SBC Gallery. Below some featured shots:

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Believe it or not- I’ve been together with my wife Marion since my second year of racing, and we’ve ridden tons of bikes in all those years- she was always a passenger… even on Germany’s famous 13 miles Nuerburgring Nordschleife to smoke guys on big bikes- but she NEVER rode a motorcycle her selves!!!

But since we have that sweet Superbike-Coach rental bike, a Ninja 250- Marion sat on it… declared it as ‘cute’- looked at me and said “…teach me to ride. I wanna make a drivers license!”.  From here, I want to pass this three part article on to her to tell the story of how it’s like- and what to do in order to get a motorcycle drivers license:

Here is how to make your M1 drivers license, Part 1 of 3, by Marion Akkaya

First, I went to the DMV to get the booklet ( to prepare for the written test. After studying it for a couple of days, I took some free available test online just to make sure not to see where I’m at. I also scheduled an appointment not to waste my time by waiting for hours in line, which is easy to do online: )

How to learn to ride a motorcycleWhen I arrived, I still had to wait in line, but it was much shorter than what I saw on the other lines. I had to fill out some paperwork about name, address, SSN, information about already existing driver license – the usual stuff, than I got a number and I went back to wait until they called my name.

It took about 15-20 minutes until a DMV worker told me that I have to renew my car driver license when adding a motorcycle license. This information took me by surprise because I wasn’t prepared for the test. I paid $ 29 before I got to window A, where they took my picture. Then they send me to the testing room, loaded with about 20 computers. The nice part by taking it online is that it shows right away if your answer is correct and it is much faster. On the other hand it makes you more nervous after a mistake. Some of the questions were common sense, while other just confused me. I passed my written test for the car right away, but had to retake the written motorcycle test. I had to go back in line, pull a new number and wait for probably 15 more minutes before I could take it again, but this time I’ve passed the test!

The good part is that you can retake the test three times before they send you home and you have to pay again. I am just glad that I past and now I can focus on the “little circle” through which I have to go to pass the driving test. I have no clue how to get through it, but I have the best riding Coach I possibly can think of- who will get me through this successfully. I was convinced he’ll be more sensitive with his wife- was I wrong! J

Now, the fun staff started –riding a motorcycle. ‘Coach husband’ started giving me riding lessons. We started first with some easy lessons, how to shift, to break, to steer, and the right body position. He showed me how to turn my head into the right direction instead of looking right in front of me. I learned shifting up without using the clutch, which is not easy in the beginning, but like he says:” what you don’t have to do- you can’t mess up” –and he is right. Believe me it was not easy for him, because I am a bad listener and I am just glad that I haven’t had make any push-ups yet :)

After a couple of days of training with him, he installed a vox radio in my Arai helmet and says “Let’s hit the freeway hon”, and off we went…

To be continued!

Author Marion Akkaya, Sacramento CA


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