Advanced riding school in California


Superbike-Coach want’s to say ‘Thank’s for your service’, and to give US Veterans a 50% off discount on our Cornering School Days program. This discount is available until we publishing out 2017 schedule, so you better go for it now soldier :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach

Day 4 is for the more sophisticated rider to track day or even racing ambitions, and who has graduated Superbike-Coach’s Cornering School program Day 1, 2, and 3. Likewise all other days- day 4 will have a bunch of features:

  • map example More 1st hand subjects by Coach Can Akkaya: Track/Racing dynamics- Orientation points- Late braking- Passing in perfection- Reading lines
  • Perfectly set classroom and track sessions on our track in Stockton CA
  • Changing track layouts in Day 4
  • GPS analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Lap times

But don’t worry- even if track riding or racing isn’t your goal- this Day 4 isn’t that wrong for you anyway. It is more training with Coach Can Akkaya, and it kinda gives you a look behind the ‘racing curtain’. Always changing track layouts and passing all over the track puts you onto a challenging place.

Cornering School Day 4 will be available in 2017 only once, so have the schedule bookmarked to lock a spot to your name. We are looking forward to see you again!

 Once more a Superbike-Coach track day was booked out, and I believe that Dean Lonskey’s pictures are telling the story. I can’t be more proud for my team which puts back into it big time. So here are Deans featured pictures first, and wait for all the pictures within this week. Enjoy!


That’s it folks… our track day is officially BOOKED OUT! I can’t be more proud for Superbike-Coach and its team!

Superbike-Coach track day on 7-30-2016

I am passionate about motorcycle riding skills, and devote my time to coaching.  It makes me crazy when I identify a bad habit, and the student tells me that he or she learned this from some motorcycle school.  There may be differences of opinion on certain techniques.  But there is also objectively WRONG advice out there.  It is making you slower and less safe.

The very worst technique taught by some schools is to go for a “late apex at all cost.”  That is, to drive deeper into the turn, then make a more violent tip in, shooting for a very late apex.  Sure, there are track situations when the true apex is more than halfway through the turn.  But habitually following this line is not necessarily the best line on a track, and can be deadly on the highway.

I spend too much coaching time teaching that the “late apex at all cost” concept is wrong, and breaking the bad habits based on bad advice.  In a right turn on a road with oncoming traffic (or a potential of oncoming traffic around a blind turn), it is unsafe to go to (or over) the center line just to make a late entry into the turn.  It can be deadly.  If you think you need to drop in so late to make a reduced radius turn, you are certainly over the speed limit, and probably over a safe speed.

On the track, focus on the fastest line through the entire course.  The best line for a particular turn necessarily depends on what follows.  A “late” apex may be OK if it sets up one or two turns down the track.  Building total track awareness takes time and focus.  Professional coaching will identify bad habits and techniques, and will greatly reduce the time a rider needs to build speed and safety.

Please click back to your newsletter for more information: Track Day rescheduled to 7/30/16

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

We’ve decided to change the format of our track days to give the riders more riding time.

Till today the format was 7 sessions, 15 minutes each. We’ll change it to 7 sessions for 20 minutes each, How cool is that huh?! :-)

  • Group B+, Track Day, Experienced track and street riders- sport and race bikes
  • Group B, Track Day, Intermediate street riders- sporttour or sportbikes
  • Group C, Track Day, Low experienced street riders or track newbies- on all kinds of bikes

We’ll start doing it this way with our very next track day on July 3rd at Thunderhill West Raceway. Sign up and join our non-competitive track day which is highly reviewed. Our track day in a nutshell:

  • B+, B, and C group with respectful rules
  • Seven sessions of 20 minutes each
  • No bike preparation required (only mirrors and speedometer taping this time)
  • No track specific gear required (street rider gear in leather OR textile are accepted)
  • No ego driven Instructors racing each other
  • Control riders for etiquette
  • Coach Can Akkaya on the track to help riders in all groups
  • No competitive atmosphere
  • Professional track Marshall’s
  • Emergency crew
  • Free ideal line west seminar by headcoach Can
  • All bikes and rider levels are welcome
  • Free sport photography
  • Only $150 bux

Come and feel what makes Superbike-Coach track days different!


Superbike-coach.com_TrackDay_47I can’t put in words what it meant to me as we booked out Superbike-Coach’s first organized track day ever- but as 90% of the riders showed up regardless to the weather forecast… that made me real proud. And those people got rewarded for it big time, because the first session was dry and the last three as well.

It was the smoothest going track day I’ve ever been to. These guys didn’t miss a beat. Everybody had a great time even though the first half of the day was wet.- Dave Miao, Track Day, Thunderhill West

Superbike-coach.com_TrackDay_19Our mission… to deliver a safe and hassle free place where every rider- on every bike can pursuit the happiness. No pressure- no ego- no overrated requirements in gear and bike. The Superbike-Coach team delivered, and beyond.In all the years of working with track providers… I knew what i would have to do to be different, and many experienced track riders confirmed that I did. Even in these conditions we put 5 crashes to the book. No injuries, and all could keep going with the track day.

I wanted to personally thank you for the riding help I have received from your classes in the past six months (CSD1, CSD2, and Track Day) as they have greatly helped in quelling my ‘street ride’ cornering fears – even in the rain- Jerry McHugh, Track Day, Thunderhill West Raceway

Superbike-coach.com_TrackDay_3 My team worked their butts off to make everything right. With lots of laughter’s and heart they helped to made it an unforgettable experience for our riders. Many of them were/are students of the Superbike-Coach Corp, and that made it feel family. Over 2600 pictures has been made by Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey, who is also working his tail off during this week to get those picture ready for free (!) download. Also a big THX to my control riders Jerry (B+), Steve and David (B), Dan (C) and Kevin (D), who showed patience and respect to everyone. That’s not common these days! I’ve been blessed to have such a enthusiastic team.

The fact that you guys pulled this off for such a good price, with very little in the way of barring someone from trying it out, and the pictures will be available for free….simply amazing- Ryan George, Track Day, Thunderhill West Raceway

Superbike-coach.com_TrackDay_1I’ve been so proud for my boys and girls, cuz’ even as it began to rain… they were standing on the grid and all came back in loaded with new things and experiences and a even bigger smile on their faces. The Clubhouse was packed with people as I began my free ‘Ideal Line West Seminar’ at lunch time, and I was even more happy as they told me how much it made them better after all.  I was so happy for them as the sun took over.

But it wouldn’t be me if I were totally satisfied, and not seeing what we could have done better. Also that’s why I am happily announcing our very next Superbike-Coach Track Day on April 30th 2016 at Thunderhill West Raceway. Come and join the family!

Headcoach Can Akkaya

This video displays how respectful and careful we are handling our riders at our track days. We have space for every rider level and every type of motorcycle in one of 4 groups. Coach Can Akkaya is in almost all sessions out to lead the line and to have some fun himself as you can see. Our track days are highly reviewed. Come and see yourself.