Superbike-Coach certified by USMCA

Superbike-Coach Corp headoach Can Akkaya has received certification by the USMCA. United States Motorcycle Coaching Association. The process inhale comprehensive schooling and certifications according to USMCA: “Our coaches value safety, responsibility, integrity, respect, loyalty, accountability, courage, excellence in mentoring and share a lifelong passion for the sport of motorcycling. Certification requires a national-level background check, CPR and SSI safety training as well as an adherence to the association’s Code of Conduct. Certified coaches, at a variety of levels, are professional individuals driven by their passion for motorcycles to teach and mentor riders.”

CAN-AKKAYA-USMCA-certified-coach-motorcycle-dirtbike-sportbike-coaching-training-certification Congrats coach :-)

Superbike-Coach Corp

I am super excited to go into the 2024 riding season as we just settled dates for Track Days at Thunderhill West Raceway in 2024.

Not just that, I also decided for running dedicated classes during these track days. Instead of having the typical 3 groups, we have 2 (B+ and B), and the 3rd one will be reserved for a class. This makes our track days even more outstanding. I’ve been always thinking of taking the ‘Track Rookie‘ and the ‘Track Academy‘ classes to the big track as an logical next step for our students. Nothing changes for all groups being out on the wonderful Thunderhill Raceway, as everyone will get the usual 7×20 track sessions. It’s just that the class group is going to have classroom in-between.

Superbike-Coach track day $ track academy class on 11/3/2024 Superbike-Coach track day and track rookie class 6/2/2024 Hope this is making sense. Anyhow, the Superbike-Coach Corp will be running two track days in 2024. One on 6/2/2024, which will be hosting the Track Rookie class, and on 11/3/2024 which hosts the Track Academy class. Also as an logical order.

Our track days at Thunderhill West Raceway always have been different, but this is going to elevate them even more. Hope ya’ll take advantage of it and sign up early to secure and to support.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I can happily announce that Superbike-Coach is back together with Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires and Sportbike Upgrades, which is there distributor for race tires.

Their portfolio covers all motorcycle categories, so something you should look into. A Bridgestone tire is a fast and long living tire for its grip level, but what I like the most is that they are transparent. That means that they have a gentle way to tell you that you’ve reached their limits. Also a positive thing is, that they are very easy on almost any suspension set up and that they deliver decent grip while warming them up.

The entire Superbike-Coach team uses Battlax slick race tires for the Supermotos and other track/race bikes, but I can assure you that their Battlax RS10 or S22 hypersport street tires are rock solid in performance and transparency as well. Give it a shot. You’ll be surprised.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Imagine you’re crashing or your engine just died under a thick cloud of smoke. Horrible idea right? But stuff like that happens.

How I see it is that this is a just an opportunity for mods, upgrades and rebuild. The aftermarket give us everything we need to keep the ball financially low, because depending on the brand you’ve been riding- that can be a money pit real quick. My argument… but even it’s not cheaper, I’d try to make the bike better as it was before. Make it more ride-able, make it looks better, or my favorite… to get more performance out of it.

Wiseco is a well known name for performance products around this planet, and we can proudly say that they sponsor the Superbike-Coach Corp. So we recently had to rebuild two of our school bikes and they provided us with the highest quality of race piston kits, titanium valves and gasket kits you possibly can get. Lucky YOU, if you can rebuild engines yourself, because that will save you thousands of Dollars which you can put into upgrades instead. If you can’t do that… learn it, because it ain’t that hard actually.

I was hoping to have one of the rebuilds captured on video, ready to show you the process for this article. Unfortunately we couldn’t get it done on time so I’ll deliver later. However, all the information is out there to do a decent job yourself. All it takes is patience, will and guts to get to it.

However, my Supermoto race bike, which I mostly use in our Cornering School and Supermoto 1on1 programs, is a beast now. Thanks to Wiseco we could install a top tier piston kit with the highest material quality out there. The compression ratio ramped up to 13:1 now and gives the extra punch out of corners. Extremely light titanium vales for less moving masses in that engine give me that extra rpm band at the end of the straight.

Ones you went with cheap no-name gaskets, you know that this isn’t the place to save money on… you go with trustworthy quality for the extra dollar, and that’s Wiseco for us as well. Their clutch plates rounding our needs up.

Wiseco has pretty much everything for any application, so for yours. Go check them out.




Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Ones more, Superbike-Coach has been nominated and awarded with the ‘2019 Best of Elk Grove Award’.

Superbike-Coach came a long way to this point. Starting back in Europe in 2003 and coaching track riders and racers only on almost all MotoGP tracks. Coming to the U.S. in 2008 and continuing Superbike-Coach on a very small scale in 2009.

And now another year went by- quicker as ever. But what would you think where it might goes when you’ve booked up all classes in the previous year already? Not much further you’d say, but we did. All classes in 2019 have been booked up, plus the ones we’ve added. And those were only the scheduled classes. Also the headcount for Road Skill, Cornering 1on1, Supermoto 1on1 and Track Drill 1on3 has gained a lot, so that a off-riding season isn’t excising anymore for Superbike-Coach. But I can assure you that we’ve enjoyed every class- and every single individual we had the pleasure working with.
So I want to thank all those riders for giving us their trust, hopes and dreams. We are not taking this for granted. It’s been a pleasure to work with so many characters, levels and categories and yea, also ego. Most of them have become part of ‘the family’ or even serious friends. Sure, we can’t reach everyone. This is impossible anyway, but we’re also not even trying hard, because we’re not selling ourselves. We leave this to the others out there.
So this here goes to the Superbike-Coach Corp team. The dedication, effort and commitment you guys put into everything you do is beyond extraordinary. The friendship, loyalty and respect to each other makes the difference. Marion, Lindsey, Mark and Dean… I thank you from the core for every minute for being a Superbike-Coach, because also they are the foundation of what SBC is today.

Marion Akkaya

Dean Lonskey

Mark Stewart, Marion and Lindsey Alexander

You know… Superbike-Coach is not just the class you see- It is thousands of pictures to manage, tries and errors for developing the right program, hours of work on websites, thousands of students to manage, hundreds of water bottles to buy, engines to fix overnight, and many miles to go. And this is even just the tip of the iceberg. Love you guys!

But also a thanks goes out to our sponsors, because they are indirectly support our students as well, and some even directly via student discounts. We so appreciate the support of Forma Boots USA, Arai Helmets USA, Wiseco, TechSpec, Moto Gear, Dynojet Research, BikeMaster and new to us Amsoil. All of these top notch companies are wit us for so many years already that there is a boundary which goes way beyond regular sponsorships. Go see what they have to make your hobby even a better one.
My thank also goes to the Little 99 Raceway administration Heather and Tony who as dedicated into the detail as we are.
This is a big package and responsibility to lots of people, and this type of dedication got us sometimes to total exhaustion. However, we’re ready to tackle 2020!
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Office, Superbike-Coach Corp

I can tell ya- no other company supports the racing community more than Forma Boots, and that goes trough all professional levels in this sport- up to MotoGP.

To be in MotoGP is a huge responsibility in regard quality and performance of the product. Why?… because lack of these attributes will show it to a worldwide audience and the racers won’t use it, no matter how much a sponsor pays for it. That makes this sport to such a development booster btw. So if you think you can boost cheaply made riding boots by paying MotoGP racers to promote them… you might end up looking real bad if you put quality and performance second. Doing this right means, 101% commitment to the product and trust for what its capable of. In other words… if a company like this has been established in MotoGP for so many years… their products are ripping it and are rock solid on all edges. Like a perfectly grinded diamond.

The more I am super proud to have Forma Boots USA as a sponsor, cuz’ hey… that also kinda says something, right?! Forma is with us now for many years and took care of our needs no questions asked. Their segment covers all motorcycle categories, and even on the civil side:

  • ADV Dual Sport
  • MX Off Road
  • Road Race Sports
  • Urban City
  • Road Mens
  • Road Womens

The Forma brand was born in 1999 and since then has always shown important growth trends. Thanks to its own R&D and the continuous technical development, the brand has been able to offer the market a complete product range. Only the highest quality standards have guaranteed Forma to become a global brand amongst the most recognized in the world.

Forma USA send me some phenomenal looking and fitting ADV Tourer boots and a set of Ice Pro Flow race boots, which are matching my MotoGear suit pretty nicely. I’ll have a video of how to adjust shift and rear brake levers soon, and you’ll have a look on those boots as well.

And yea, Forma Boots USA has a 20% off discount for all Superbike-Coach students. That is extraordinary and you should take advantage of it. Thank me later :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Sacramento, CA – January 2019

Superbike-Coach announced its 2019 class schedule today. The popular riding school has upped the stakes to include new benefits and offers to their students and track day riders.

Superbike-Coach provides sport photography by Dean Lonskey free of charge at all classes and events. And, the track fee is included at their Cornering School program. They also offer free snacks, coffee and drinks throughout the day. The riding school offers these unique classes and renowned 1-on-1 programs for both track and street riders:

Cornering School Days 1-3 – For all street and track riders on a small race track, no track fees

Cruiser Rider Class – For all touring motorcycles and heavy bikes like Harley Davidson, Gold Wing, BMW, etc

Body Positioning Class – For all Sportbike street riders, track riders and racers, no track fees

Race Academy – For track riders and racers of mid levels and up, no extra track fees

Road Skill 1-on-1 coaching – For all street riders of all ages, levels, and categories

Wheelie Course – For all street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Knee Down – For all sport street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Track Drill 1-on-1 coaching – For all sport and track riders and racers of all ages and levels at your track day

Supermotard 1-on-1 – For street and track riders, and racers of all ages

Basic Rider 1on1 – For absolute beginners, to prepare for the M1 drivers license test

Sideline Coaching – For advanced track riders or racers at track day or race

Suspension Workshop & Track Time – For all street and track riders on a small race track, no track fees

New to the Superbike-Coach program are the ‘Body Positioning Class’ and the ‘Cruiser Rider Class’. Also new is the ‘Race Academy’, which offers affordable and efficient training for track riders and racers. The track day programs are going on their 4th year and are wildly popular.

The 2019 season track event schedule is as follows:

Road Skill 1on3, Castro Valley, at Pleasanton on 01/20/2019

Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 01/27/2019

Road Skill 1on3, Foothills, at Placerville, CA on 02/17/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Sonoma Raceway, at Sonoma Raceway on 02/23/2019

Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 02/24/2019

Body Positioning Class, at Little 99 Raceway on 03/03/2019

Cornering School – Day 2, at Little 99 Raceway on 03/17/2019

Cruiser Class, Intermediate, at Little 99 Raceway on 03/31/2019

BMW NorCal, advanced rider class, at Little 99 Raceway on 04/07/2019

Suspension Workshop & Track Time, at Little 99 Raceway on 04/07/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Thunderhill East Raceway, at Thunderhill Raceway on 04/20/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Thunderhill East Raceway, at Thunderhill Raceway on 04/21/2019

Cornering School – Day 3, at Little 99 Raceway on 04/28/2019

Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 05/05/2019

Knee Down, at Little 99 Raceway on 05/18/2019

Wheelie Course, at Little 99 Raceway on 05/19/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Thunderhill West Raceway, at Thunderhill Raceway on 06/01/2019

Cruiser Class, Intermediate, at Little 99 Raceway on 06/02/2019

Cornering School – Day 2, at Little 99 Raceway on 06/30/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Laguna Seca Raceway, at Laguna Seca Raceway on 07/01/2019

Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 07/14/2019

Wheelie Course, at Little 99 Raceway on 07/28/2019

Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 08/11/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Thunderhill East Raceway, at Thunderhill Raceway on 08/17/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Thunderhill East Raceway, at Thunderhill Raceway on 08/18/2019

Cornering School – Day 2, at Little 99 Raceway on 08/25/2019

Cornering School – Day 3, at Little 99 Raceway on 09/08/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Buttonwillow Raceway, at Buttonwillow Raceway Park on 09/14/2019

Track Drill 1on3, Buttonwillow Raceway, at Buttonwillow Raceway Park on 09/15/2019

Cruiser Class, Advanced, at Little 99 Raceway on 09/29/2019

Track Academy, at Little 99 Raceway on 10/06/2019

Knee Down, at Little 99 Raceway on 10/26/2019

Wheelie Course, at Little 99 Raceway on 10/27/2019

Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 11/03/2019

Cornering School – Day 2, at Little 99 Raceway on 11/24/2019

Cornering School – Day 3, at Little 99 Raceway on 12/08/2019

For more information, please visit or contact them via email at