Superbike-Coach Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway


I wished I could put better into words what my team and I’ve seen at the Superbike-Coach Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway last Saturday (9/8/2018). We’ve seen riders who were riding with tons of respect for each other- holding back with a smile. For me, that goes before ‘lap times’, because attributes like respect, honor, loyalty and truth are getting quickly lost in competitive environments (and these days btw)! I ensure you… that’s not us and we leave this to others!

Can we do better?! For sure, because NOTHING in life is perfect, so we’ll keep working even harder to deliver what’s right.

I think that the pictures my photographers Michelle Tilley and Dean Lonskey have featured are telling the story. Over 4000 pictures are done soon… as usual absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Till then… enjoy about 80 featured pictures upfront

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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  1. david keil
    david keil says:

    Awesome experience at my first track day ever at Thunder Hill West with Superbike Coach.
    About me: Been riding for +30 years. I have no desire to race, but love to go fast in the twisties sometimes.
    To be honest I was nervous arriving at the track. Just like before the start of a race, but Superbike Coach Can Akkaya put me at ease by demanding that everyone respect one another, and leave your ego at home. It made for a safe fun learning environment where the coach is right there on the track with you. Lunch time Can went over some good corning techniques, and WOW what a difference. I’m signing up for the next class. I like the way the Coach teaches, I like his attitude, and I like melting tires.
    Thank you Can and the Superbike Team.


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