Thunderhill Track Day 5/6/2017 Report


I can’t say enough how proud I am for the Superbike-Coach team for another amazing track day we’ve pulled off on 5/6/2017. Reading my report might gives you an idea how passionate we are, to make riders feel in the right place. I think that Superbike-Coach is different is given and known already, but that we run a track day which is fully booked out- with 120 riders whom can’t be more diverse- on a challenging track like this- and end it with only three minor crashes… that proves it pretty well, doesn’t it?! But there is more…

Marion and Gary opened registration on time and had lots of laughs with the participants already. Our Tech-Inspection is done in an blink of an eye- not like the typical 30 minutes wait, and everyone was very cooperative to our requirements in this regard.

The mandatory riders meeting at 8:15am is more or less my reality-check on them, and i truly enjoyed their attention, which is good for a general safety awareness and respect. I could dismiss our B+ riders early so that they can prepare without stress for their first stint, while our C-group riders stayed to receive a track orientation.

Gary opened the gate punctual at 9am for 20 minutes sessions with B+, then B, and then C group which I lead out for a two laps sightseeing tour with my control riders Brian, Julie and Ben. Introducing entering and exiting the track is our priority, because showing ‘the line’ doesn’t make any sense at that point- but we’re on it anyway. We got this clean and quickly done, so that the C rider had plenty of time left to go out on their own again.

I started the ‘Ideal Line West Seminar’ at 12:30pm, so that everyone would have all afternoon sessions to work on it. I kept it short n’ sweet, but I do believe that my audience get a picture of that there is much more I would have for them. It was fun, and I enjoyed seeing lots of students again, as well as lots new faces- which i hope to also get to see at my Cornering School programs.

From there, I was out on the track to help and to have some fun myself on almost every session. My control riders Ben, Brian and Julie the same, and we all put lots of effort to keep an eye on rules- and track etiquette. Every violation or report (and that ain’t many), was issued and solved. Even the typical Superbike-Coach penalty for temporary brain failure came into force… doing pushups. Other than that- it couldn’t have been smoother, and those three minor crashes are reflecting it. I’ve been witness of 40 crashes in total at one track day of a other organizer ones btw…

Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey took 4500 pictures that day, and guess what… this is also something we’re different with… they are all coming for free! Dean picked some featured pictures first until he releases all of them for free download. I would appreciate a little tip for him to his PayPal ( Here is one shot :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp


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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    it difficult to say just how much i enjoy being on the start grid.i want to thank all of the riders for a great day.lets do it again.i can’t wait to be out there wit5h all of you again.thank you all for a real FUN day.

  2. Aleks
    Aleks says:

    Thank you Can and all the wonderful staff and helpers for another awesome day at Thunderhill West. We had perfect conditions, beautiful weather, and flawless organization. And of course, FUN FUN Motorcycle riding!

  3. Dean Lonskey
    Dean Lonskey says:

    Boy, what can I say about this past track day, except SORRY this is late coming. As usual, the Superbike-coach team got there early to get things set up and ready to go. The day couldn’t have been more perfect and everyone was eager to get going. If you ever wanted to see what a track day was like but have NEVER done it, this is the PERFECT one to start out with. Whether you have a sport bike, cruiser, touring bike, standard, or supermotard, Superbike-coach will have a group for you to join. I’ve never done a track day before but I’ve been to a few with friends as a “helper” and I’m hooked. At a Superbike-coach track day, you don’t have all the headaches (aka…bike prep, egos, ect) like other track days and everyone is treated like family. Everyone who participates, SBC TEAM, riders, and supporters, ALL have a great time. The smile I had on my face after this day was even BIGGER than it was the last time. Coach Can Akkaya really cares about those who show up and puts EVERYTHING he can into making sure everyone has a GREAT time and leaves with a BIG SMILE on his face. Oh, did I mention he even give a FREE seminar on the IDEAL LINE for this track? Did I mention he’ll work with you if you like to help you become more comfortable and even improve your riding? All this and more and NO PRESSURE! Come check this out…I dare you. Next track day on this WILDLY-SICK-FUN track is August 5th. Let’s go…what are you waiting for…!!!


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