What our Sponsors do for you: Axo USA


I’d love to announce that our relationship with Axo USA goes into its 3rd year, which I believe should be a good review already… because what’s good for our coaches- is good for you!

DSCF8320 Axo’s quality/price ratio is extremely healthy and the look and feel of their suits are very good- but what I like the most with this relationship is, that Axo is donating 40% off discounts for our students !!!!

Let me put it in a nut shell to make clear what this can mean for you:

  • An Indy leather suits goes for $1000
  • And let’s say you also want some cool K4-R gloves which are $140
  • You of course need some extra protection for your back, $88

All of that goes to you for only $737, which is in savings: $491, just by being a Superbike-Coach student. Money which you could use for a better rider education, so that you hopefully never going to ruin that sweet suit.

So no matter what you are looking for… women suits, 1-piece or 2-piece suits, dirt bike gear or whatsoever in accessories… don’t forget that I’ll have that 40% off discount for ya on your total purchase! Don’t ya think that this is cheap stuff- that discount is only available as our student.









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