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I’m hearing it every day. First I see 99.9% of my students braking, and their performance is actually shockingly bad. Straight up… ‘BRAKING’ IS THE PRIOR SKILL TO STAY ALIVE. Then I ask them who taught them and what was the message, and their answers are even more shocking…

In fact, ANY curriculum of motorcycle drivers license giving institutions are telling new riders to “Stay away from the front brake when turning/leaning!” I believe that this is already a CRIME to say, because I would say that you gotta be be able to make a use of your brakes AT ALL FREAKING TIMES! But there is much more coming with this message- mental blockades which I as a Coach who is teaching the total opposite- have to remove manifested habits and overly produced fears!

Now how is that?!… well, if you tell a new rider stuff like that- you automatically manifest a certain hold back towards the front brake, which is actually our primary weapon against scary situations. The blockade is so deep in their heads, that most of the riders are not even using 50% of their front brake potential- which is another guarantee to get hurt or even to die. Besides this, it also leads them to an over-usage of rear brake which causes even more confusion and extends their learning curve… which is time they might don’t have.

You think a street rider don’t need this?… You’re dead wrong! Superbike-Coach teaches ‘Trail Braking’, a MotoGP riding technique since 10 years in Cornering School Day 3, and that is the key to lots of good things the top racers of this planet take advantage of. Priority for them… to lower lap times- and for the street rider to gain the chance to SURVIVE dramatically. Why and how?… find out in the class and learn it, because reading and learning won’t work here.

Is this a guarantee to get out of everything?… no it’s not, because there is always a ‘point of no return’, but it gains you chance to make it exponentially. Are there other schools teaching to trail brake?… probably- are they doing it right?… I don’t know. I do know that Superbike-Coach does it right- and that we have the environment and drills to do this even better. The curriculum and their message in this regard of license giving institutions has to change, because it is wrong and dangerous.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I can’t say enough how proud I am for the Superbike-Coach team for another amazing track day we’ve pulled off on 5/6/2017. Reading my report might gives you an idea how passionate we are, to make riders feel in the right place. I think that Superbike-Coach is different is given and known already, but that we run a track day which is fully booked out- with 120 riders whom can’t be more diverse- on a challenging track like this- and end it with only three minor crashes… that proves it pretty well, doesn’t it?! But there is more…

Marion and Gary opened registration on time and had lots of laughs with the participants already. Our Tech-Inspection is done in an blink of an eye- not like the typical 30 minutes wait, and everyone was very cooperative to our requirements in this regard.

The mandatory riders meeting at 8:15am is more or less my reality-check on them, and i truly enjoyed their attention, which is good for a general safety awareness and respect. I could dismiss our B+ riders early so that they can prepare without stress for their first stint, while our C-group riders stayed to receive a track orientation.

Gary opened the gate punctual at 9am for 20 minutes sessions with B+, then B, and then C group which I lead out for a two laps sightseeing tour with my control riders Brian, Julie and Ben. Introducing entering and exiting the track is our priority, because showing ‘the line’ doesn’t make any sense at that point- but we’re on it anyway. We got this clean and quickly done, so that the C rider had plenty of time left to go out on their own again.

I started the ‘Ideal Line West Seminar’ at 12:30pm, so that everyone would have all afternoon sessions to work on it. I kept it short n’ sweet, but I do believe that my audience get a picture of that there is much more I would have for them. It was fun, and I enjoyed seeing lots of students again, as well as lots new faces- which i hope to also get to see at my Cornering School programs.

From there, I was out on the track to help and to have some fun myself on almost every session. My control riders Ben, Brian and Julie the same, and we all put lots of effort to keep an eye on rules- and track etiquette. Every violation or report (and that ain’t many), was issued and solved. Even the typical Superbike-Coach penalty for temporary brain failure came into force… doing pushups. Other than that- it couldn’t have been smoother, and those three minor crashes are reflecting it. I’ve been witness of 40 crashes in total at one track day of a other organizer ones btw…

Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey took 4500 pictures that day, and guess what… this is also something we’re different with… they are all coming for free! Dean picked some featured pictures first until he releases all of them for free download. I would appreciate a little tip for him to his PayPal ( Here is one shot :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp


I use to clear up things with my articles, so here is my take on some answers to questions we’re receiving in regard our track days:

  • Yes, we’re open all turns the west track has to offer.
  • Yes, we have track Marshall’s on all turns, an Ambulance with two EMT’s, and a Helicopter on call.
  • Yes, we have a starter, announcer, and group/gate control.
  • Yes, we run 3 level groups C, B, and B+, 7×20 minutes sessions each.
  • B+ is no A-group- more an extension of B group. A-riders are welcome of course, but riding under B+ where I expect that B-riders keep their ego in check (you can’t get them anyway and you don’t want to hurt someone just because you feel challenged).
  • Yes, you don’t need to have racing gear necessarily, and of course i can tell you our definition of street riding gear below in an article. let me know if you need gear, and I can get you a 40% off discount on Axo USA gear. We accept leather OR textile as long pants and jacket are zip-able. If not zip-able, we would ask you to have a back protector, but be aware that the Thunderhill staffs might take you out (this is not on us!). Nobody else but you is responsible for the road rash you’re getting.
  • Yes, we have experienced control riders on all groups checking for rule violations.
  • No, we’re not wasting spots to let ego-driven instructors racing each other.
  • No, you don’t need to have a class under your belt to attend our track days, but I highly recommend it.
  • No, this is not a ‘school’, but a ‘too fun to miss out’ event where you’ll be safer as if you would go for a ride on public roads instead. If you are looking for solid education, then you most likely won’t find it within track days anyway. Read my article in regard to this, and consider to also start out my Cornering School program.
  • No, we don’t have a tire service going on, because I truly believe that if you would have to change tires between sessions- that you are just hell of badly prepared. Don’t waste your time and get dirty on 8/27/ when you actually have time to do it with ease way before.
  • Yes, I strongly believe that your suspension is ok for what you do. Don’t spend time and hope up that this might fixes your riding problems, cuz’ it does not. You might consider my ‘Workshop & Track Time’ event on 9/17/ at that point.
  • No overnight camping in the paddock possible! There are hotels and also a designated camp area in front of the main gate though. If you sneak in… we’ll forward the invoice we’d get for it to YOU.
  • Yes, we have a towing vehicle to get your baby back to the paddock.
  • Yes, we run a C-group orientation at 9:05am and a ‘sightseeing track session’ at 9:40am.
  • Yes, I’ll give a ‘Ideal Line West seminar’, Club house at 1:30pm

Now get some education till then. See ya!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Sacramento

Elk Grove Award Program Honors the Achievement

ELK GROVE March 22, 2017 — Superbike-Coach Corp. has been selected for the 2017 Best of Elk Grove Award in the Sport, Hobby & Education category by the Elk Grove Award Program.

Each year, the Elk Grove Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Elk Grove area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Elk Grove Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Elk Grove Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Elk Grove Award Program

The Elk Grove Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Elk Grove area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Elk Grove Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Elk Grove Award Program

Elk Grove Award Program

Motorcycles & Misfits, a radio podcast in Santa Cruz, gave us a great review of our Cornering School program. Douglas Little​ and Kat Taylor​ could also clear things up which makes me really happy and appreciate their attendance even more. Listen to it from 7:50

2016 was kinda wired and it took a lot away from all of us. Just to name Prince, David Bowie, and just now John Glenn. Terror and hate crime hasn’t been higher- Car drivers got even more nuts I believe- and a election which can’t be more controversy. So I’m not too crazy about 2016, even it also had some positives… like that the economy picked up- The Chicago Cubs won the World series- Gas got a little cheaper- and the Broncos won the Superbowl. “Is that it?!”… no, because at that point i am happy to share a wonderful hobby with you- which kinda sets us apart from all the negatives, doesn’t it? Leaving 2016 also makes me being thankful to have met hundreds and hundreds of riders- to have received their trust and respect- For a family I can’t be more proud of- and for becoming official rider coach of the US-Air Force. I want to thank my team- Marion, Dean, Gary, Kevin, and Vincent- for their loyalty and their ‘maximum effort’ attitude, to help making Superbike-Coach to what it is today. I look so much forward working with them again to organize track days, and classes which nobody else could do the way Superbike-Coach does. Hope you like the info and news below and that I will see you soon.
Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year!

Headcoach Can Akkaya