We need knowledge, skill, and experience to master our bikes- and only then to reach out to the stars :-)

Coach is not perfect but he is one of the best and most caring in the business. Most won’t appreciate coach until you ride in his boots as an instructor, racer, and friend.

Thank you very much for an amazing CSD-1 at Little 99 yesterday. Amazing experience and huge, supportive learning environment for my 1st track day!! I just signed up for CSD-2 and already can’t wait. I Loved the 1-on-1 “Ideal Line” portion. VERY cool and worth every penny (and more, but don’t quote me! LOL).

…wenn wir dachten, es kann nichts beeindruckender mehr kommen, hast du uns eines besseren belehrt. Unser Lebenstraum ist in Erfüllung gegangen

Ich habe bereits einige Motorradtouren gemacht, vornehmlich in den USA. Aber Can’s Kalifornien Tour war einfach genial. Er weiss genau was man erleben moechte, als auch den ‘American spirit’ zu vermitteln.