A testimonial from a Superbike-Coach student who took one of our street rider coaching programs.

Had a great day, plenty of track time. Can is a great instructor, and im looking forward to the day 2 class. Thanks to Can and his crew for a great day of learning.

Coach Can is a truly an inspirational coach and ride. The emphasis is on incorporating the techniques into our everyday riding for these Corning Classes. I have completed Corning School Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. The Stockton “Little 99” is the perfect track to learn the corning skills needed since the track is small and the turns are close together.

I have gone to Z2 for novice school (C group track day), Rich Oliver Mystery Camp, Total Control Advanced Rider Course, Alameda County Sheriff Dual-Purpose Class, Road Rider 2.0 and MSF. And although they are all good and all different, I learned the most from Coach’s CSD classes and guess what? THESE CLASSES COST THE LEAST OF THEM ALL.

Thank you very much for an amazing CSD-1 at Little 99 yesterday. Amazing experience and huge, supportive learning environment for my 1st track day!! I just signed up for CSD-2 and already can’t wait. I Loved the 1-on-1 “Ideal Line” portion. VERY cool and worth every penny (and more, but don’t quote me! LOL).

The coach had us discussing our fears about riding and taught us how to use our skills as tools to work through any situation so that we are in control with choices.